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5 Common Sneaker Care Mistakes to Avoid

5 Common Sneaker Care Mistakes to Avoid

clock-circular-outline Posted November 10, 2023

If you’re a newcomer to the sneaker game, we know that taking care of your sneakers may be slightly daunting. I mean at some point we’ve felt the need to skip corners on our sneaker care regime, especially when there’s some fairy liquid detergent and sponge lying under your sink, because apparently multipurpose = money saving.

5 Common Sneaker Care Mistakes to Avoid

But of course, this comes with another added cost - an ultimate bodges job of a sneaker clean. Luckily enough as sneaker care connoisseurs, we can spot a sneaker care gimmick, faster than you can put your sneakers in the washing machine.

So with no further adieu, let’s look at our 5 Sneaker Care Mistakes you should avoid at all costs because when your footwear is happy, the whole world smiles - for one reason - they don’t have to look at your diminished beaters any longer.

1. You’re not protecting your sneakers with waterproofing spray

Sneakers in water
Courtesy of Julian Alexander via Unsplash Images

For a sneakerhead, this may be second nature, but for many of you beginners in the sneaker game it is important to protect your sneakers from water as it can cause long-lasting damage to sneakers.

Water buildup from torrential rain conditions can cause an oversaturation of your leather, canvas, suede, and nylon sneakers which can seep into the materials causing them to weaken and stretch, changing your shoe’s original form. This can also cause your shoe soles to detach due to the softening and the unbonding of the glue. Not to mention that if your sneakers stay wet this can also make them prone to mould and odour build-up. If it gets to that point you can either throw them away or try or luck with our odour-eliminating Crep Protect Pills.

To avoid this from happening in the first place, we’ve got one of the best sneaker repellents on the market to keep your sneaker game on point. Our innovative Crep Protect Spray is the only waterproofing technology you need to keep your sneakers safe from rain and stains.

Engineered with Nanotechnology, the Spray forms a hydrophobic barrier over your shoes for 2 weeks of long-lasting protection. Simply apply two layers of our Spray from a 20cm distance, allowing 10 minutes of drying time between each layer to keep your sneakers fresher for longer.

2. You don’t clean your sneakers regularly

Dirty sneakers
Courtesy of Justus Menke via Unsplash Images

And no, we don’t mean a deep clean every time you slip your feet into your prized possessions, because how can you truly fit that into your hectic routines. What is more realistic is giving your sneakers a quick wipe down after every time you wear them as this will reduce any build-up of dirt and dust, making those longer haul cleans much easier to tackle - you’ll thank me later. Frequent cleaning will also reduce midsole yellowing and will maintain the suppleness of your leather sneakers.

But don’t fret, At Crep we have provided the ultimate solution to keeping your sneakers touched up on a daily, our dual-sided wipes are the perfect way to remove minor scuffs and stains. Drenched in our revolutionary Cure Solution, our Wipes include a smooth side for general sneaker cleaning of the uppers and a textured side with incorporated cleaning grooves that aid in cleaning the midsole, heels, or outsoles.

3. Putting your sneakers in the washing machine

sneakers in washing machine
Courtesy of Andrey Matveev via Unsplash Images

Washing machines last longer with Calgon, not with placing your sneakers in them. For the sake of your sneaker drip, placing your sneakers in the washing machine is a no-go. Not only does it damage your washing machine drum, but it can also cause significant colour transfer on your sneakers and laces.

Instead of pouring £200 down the drain, why not opt for our affordable Crep Protect Cure Kit, our ultimate hand cleaning kit that is safe on the environment and your sneakers. Crep Protect Cure kit includes a selection of our cleaning essentials including our 98% natural Cure Solution that effectively removes dirt, grime and stains, our Premium Cleaning Brush and a Microfibre cloth.

4. You don’t take care of your laces

Dirty shoe laces

This sneaker care hack is a less obvious one, but actually, taking care of your laces helps boost foot hygiene. With our sneaker laces being in constant contact with the floors, streets and all types of surfaces, this can cause a significant build of bacteria and germs that you may not be able to see. Giving your laces a clean with mild soapy sneaker detergent ( *cough cough * Crep Protect Cure) and lukewarm water can remove all of that unwanted dirt and stains making your sneakers cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing.

If all fails, why not invest in a pair of Crep Protect’s pre-treated Laces that are engineered with our innovative waterproofing technology that is woven into the fibres of the lace to repel all types of liquids and stains. Our premium liquid-proofing selection of laces comes in a variety of styles and colours, so you can pick which best suits your sneaker style.

5. You leave your sneakers out of a box

Sneakers on the floor
Image Courtesy of New York Times Website

Ever wondered why your sneakers look so dusty and discoloured? Well, it might be the fact that you have left your sneakers lying about in your closet with no box. Now this may seem like a crime for sneaker buffs, but for all you beginners who have thrown the box away the minute you cop a pair of sneakers, you are running the risk of your sneakers being scuffed and scratched up which will make your footwear less appealing over time. Now if your sneakers are exposed to sunlight, this can make your sneakers duller in appearance, leading to effects of over-drying, cracking and fading.

Now we know you can’t make your old sneaker boxes magically reappear but one thing you can do is invest in some sneaker crates. Not just any old sneaker crates, Crep Protect Crates 3.0 is the future of sneaker storage. Our stackable, sound-activated Crates keep your sneakers dust-free and effectively reduce sunlight discolouration. Plus they include an ultraviolet (UV) light that aids sanitisation, keeping those unwanted viruses at bay.

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