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Free Shipping on Orders over €40



Whatever product you buy from Crep Protect, from our Wipes and Cure refills, to our Cleaning Kits and collaborations, we always aim to have your product with you as fast as possible. We can control what we do on our end, so we’re quick with the dispatch, but nobody can control the mail system!
If your item is sent via recorded mail, you’ll receive a tracking number via email, so you can see step-by-step where your item is and know when you’ll get it. Patience is a virtue, so if it takes a couple of days, don’t worry, it’s on its way.
If you have any questions, we’re here to answer them, and right now, we’re proud to say that we deliver to most territories, including the United States, so for our American fans, Crep Protect is on its way through the click of a button.
We are always adding new shipping locations so if you’d like to know when we start shipping to you, send us an inquiry.