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The Spray

How does it work?
Hydrophobic sounds exactly like what it is. We give your shoes a liquid phobia. The hydrophobic barrier repels most liquids so they don’t get through. They just float on the protective layer waiting for you to wipe them off.

How long does it protect my shoes?
If you wear your kicks every day, you should only need to reapply every 3-4 weeks.

Will it change or affect the colour, look or performance of my kicks?
No way. Ever. Ever ever. Once the spray dries it’s completely invisible.

What is the best way to apply it?
Spray from a distance of 20cm and apply evenly – don’t drench or saturate your shoes and you’ll be good. Follow the instructions!

Will my shoes still be able to breathe?
The Spray doesn’t block the materials in any way, so yes; your kicks are free to breathe.

Can I use this on leather?
Yes when using shake the can well and spray lightly from a distance of 20cm. Please note leather is already waterproof so the effect is minimal.

My leather sneakers have a white residue on them, after applying the Spray
This occurs by over saturation. If you spray too close to your leather sneakers, you may notice a white film on the surface. Leather isn’t a breathable material so the spray may not penetrate into it causing the buildup. If you do happen to make this mistake, don’t bother trying to wash it away with water, as Crep Protect is made to keep your sneakers safe from liquid. Rather, spray onto the leather again until it’s wet. While wet it will bond with the dry layer. Finally rub it all in with microfiber cloth to work it in, protecting your sneakers and removing any marks.

How should I store it?
Like most things that come in a can; a cool dry place away from any flames is fine. The only heat your Spray should be near is your kicks.

The Spray
Cure Travel Kit

How many shoes can I clean with one Crep Protect Kit?
One kit is all you need to clean up to 50 pairs of shoes.

Can one brush really be safe to use on any and all materials?
Yes it can. We put the brush through years of research and development and came up with something that is safe to use on all shoe materials.

Can this clean Suede or Nubuck materials?
Yes, take caution not to use excessive water and brush carefully. Note dyed suede can bleed, which means you should avoid getting them wet at all. We recommend always testing first in an inconspicuous area for this bleed.

After using Crep Protect Cleaner, how long will it take my trainers to dry?
We recommend letting them dry for 24 hours.

What is the cleaning solution made?
The solution is made from 98% natural ingredients, including coconut, jojoba, and water.

Is there a difference between the Wipes and the Cure Cleaning Kit?
The Wipes are intended for a quick touch up, but if you’re looking for a full, deeper clean, then The Cleaning Kit is what you need.

Cure Travel Kit
Foam X

Q: What is the FoamX Cleaner?

A: Instant FoamX Cleaner is a ready-to-use foam cleaner for sneakers. It features a built-in pump applicator and a unique formula that changes color from purple to white, indicating when it's ready to be wiped off.

Q: What types of sneakers is it suitable for?

A: It's ideal for cleaning leather, canvas, and nylon sneakers.

Q: How is the packaging of Instant FoamX Cleaner eco-friendly?

A: The cleaner comes in a recyclable HDPE bottle, aligning with environmentally conscious standards.

Q: How do I use Instant FoamX Cleaner?

A: To use, first remove loose dirt with a brush. Pump the cleaner onto the sneaker, wait for around 5 minutes until the foam turns white, and then wipe it off with a damp microfibre cloth. Repeat if necessary.

Q: Is scrubbing required when using Instant FoamX Cleaner?

A: Generally, no scrubbing is needed. However, for persistent dirt, a gentle scrub with our premium brush followed by wiping may be required.

Q: How much product do I get in one bottle?

A: Each bottle contains 150ml of Instant FoamX Cleaner.

Q: Is Instant FoamX Cleaner safe for all materials?

A: Yes, its water-based formula is safe and suitable for delicate sneaker materials.

Q: How long does the cleaning process take?

A: The process is quick, typically requiring about 5 minutes for the foam to act, plus additional time for wiping and drying.

Q: Can I use Instant FoamX Cleaner on sneakers with colour or special finishes?

A: While the cleaner is suitable for various materials, we recommend testing it on a small, inconspicuous area first to ensure compatibility with special finishes or colours.

Foam X