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Your Guide To The Crep Protect Sneaker Bag

Your Guide To The Crep Protect Sneaker Bag

clock-circular-outline Posted February 23, 2024

At Crep, we are committed to finding ways to not only clean your sneakers but to protect your sneaker arsenal. 

Crep Protect Sneaker Bag

We know there’s nothing worse when you go on that seasonal getaway, gym trip or excursion where you hopelessly rummage through your bags to empty out some space to slot in your prized possessions (Don’t worry, we’ve all been there!).

Luckily for you, we’ve discovered the perfect on-the-go sneaker storage solution so you’ll never have to worry about your sneakers bending, creasing or being squashed amongst the mountains of clothes and items filling every crevice of your suitcases and travel bags.

Gather round sneakerheads while we show you why our sneaker bag is £65 worth spent.

We're going to give you the lowdown on our most frequently asked questions and what our Sneaker Bag has to offer.

What is the Crep Protect Sneaker Bag?

The Crep Protect Sneaker Bag is the ultimate travel accessory that keeps your sneakers in top-notch condition.  This premium duffle-styled bag combines durability, shoe care, and elite style, ensuring easy and convenient transportation of your sneakers while providing the highest level of protection on the go.

This protective storage solution includes five adjustable velcro dividers, ideal for easy customisation and the seamless positioning of everyday items while you’re on the go. 

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How many pairs of sneakers can you fit in the Crep Protect Sneaker Bag?

The Crep Protect Sneaker Bag can comfortably fit up to four pairs of sneakers.

How many pockets does the Sneaker Bag have?

The bag contains four pockets allowing for the protection of valuables. 


Crep Protect Sneaker Bag

Can I use the sneaker bag to store other items?

Yes, this duffle-styled bag is perfect for multipurpose use. You can store your clothes, gadgets and any other personal belongings can be conveniently stored away in the four utility pockets provided.

Is the bag water-repellent?

Yes, our sneaker bag is water-repellent, wicking out any excess moisture and it is scratch-resistant too, keeping the bag on top of its game - no matter where you go. 

Does this bag contain a strap?

Yes, this Crep Protect Bag includes a carrier handle and a wide woven shoulder strap for carrying options. 

How do you assemble the Crep Protect Sneaker Bag?

It’s easy. All you have to do is place the five adjustable velcro dividers into the bag and place your sneakers and belongings in accordingly. The velcro dividers are perfect for protecting your sneakers and belongings.

Once that has been completed, you can attach the adjustable shoulder strap to the metal loop closure on each side for easy transportation.

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