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The DOS and DON’TS of Using Crep Protect Spray

The DOS and DON’TS of Using Crep Protect Spray

clock-circular-outline Posted January 08, 2024

At Crep, we believe that everyone deserves high-quality sneaker care.

Crep Protect Spray

But we know that our products are as only as good as the person using them and if they are misused, this can affect the quality of their cleaning performance.

To prevent any disappointment during your sneaker cleans, we want to offer a helping hand by sharing some of the DOS and DON’TS when using our Crep Protect Spray.

So sit back, relax and have a little scour through some of our top tips as in that way, you'll never be out of pocket buying any of our products. Before we get stuck right in, let’s look back at a short recap of what this magic in the bottle has to offer!

What is Crep Protect Spray?

Our Crep Protect Spray is the premium waterproofing technology that keeps your sneakers protected from rain and stains. The solution works by forming a hydrophobic barrier over your kicks for 2 weeks of long-lasting protection.

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Spray your sneakers from a 20 cm distance

Spraying our repellent from a 20cm distance in a continuous motion will ensure that each sneaker will be evenly coated in our specialised rain and stain barrier, as well as reducing the chances of oversaturation.

Find out more about applying the Crep Protect Spray here

Let your sneaker dry for 10 minutes after each layer is applied to the shoe

Give your sneaker a quick 10-minute dry time between each layer of spray you apply ( 2 layers recommended) as this will allow the spray solution to effectively bond to your sneakers so you can get the best protection barrier out of your bottle without needing to reapply too many times.

Re-apply the spray every 2 weeks if you wear your sneakers every day

2 weeks is the general rule of thumb for when re-application of our spray is needed and this is especially important in severe weather conditions such as rain, snow and mud.

Have a look at how to keep your kicks protected this winter

Children must be supervised when using the Spray

At Crep we also prioritise the safety of all consumers when they are using our products, especially our younger ones. All children must be supervised at all times when using our spray. We also recommend storing the product out of reach of children.


Oversaturate your sneakers

Applying too much spray to your sneakers will not only ruin or change the appearance of your sneakers but will also cause a white film to form over your sneakers.

Although this product build-up can be easily fixed by simply applying another layer of spray and working in the two layers together causing them to bond, it is not ideal and can waste a lot of product that could be saved to protect another pair of shoes.

Over-do the spray on leather sneakers

And no, we’re not saying that our protective spray can’t be applied to sneakers that contain leather, however, many leather sneakers are naturally waterproof and will only need a small amount of spray that needs to be applied. This also means you’ll have more spray for your nylon, suede and canvas sneakers (thank us later).

Keep your Crep Protect Spray for no longer than 2 years

Like the majority of cleaning products, our protective Spray has an expiration date which can be found at the bottom of the can. For effective use of the spray, we recommend that you replace your Crep Protect Spray every two years, but we hope you use it all up before then!

Store the spray in direct sunlight

UV Sunlight can accelerate chemical breakdown, which will overall reduce the sneaker repellent’s effectiveness. Therefore, it’s really important to keep the spray stored in shaded utility storage so the spray can be a more effective source of sneaker protection in the future

For more sneaker tips and tricks, head over to our Crep Daily How To page

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