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Introducing the Crep Protect Crate 3.0

Introducing the Crep Protect Crate 3.0

clock-circular-outline Posted July 31, 2023

Looking to elevate your sneaker collection? Look no further…

Crep Protect Crates 3.0

At Crep Protect, we are delighted to introduce the Crep Protect Crate 3.0, the latest innovation to our roster of crate designs that adds a little bit of light to your sneaker space.

We first initially launched the Crate 1.0 back in 2018 and then in November 2022 we expanded our crates line with the release of the Crate 2.0. This year, we have taken innovation to new heights with the Crep Protect Crates 3.0 and we’ve included some swanky new features that we’ll think you’ll love.

What is the Crep Protect Crate 3.0?

The Crep Protect Crate 3.0 is the future of sneaker storage. These sleek 3-sided view crates are the perfect way to keep your high-heated kicks in top-notch condition. They are stackable, interconnectable, and designed to fit up to your Size US 13 sneakers, including high tops. You can also set your ambience with its built-in LED lights, including an ultraviolet (UV) light that aids sanitisation, keeping those unwanted viruses at bay.

Crep Protect Crates 3.0

What's more, you can also activate the lights through sound control: clap, snap, tap, or rap, and the crates seamlessly react to your sound. You can also synchronise your crates with a plug-in connection that powers up to 10 crates. Choose from cold and warm lights to enhance your space, and a gold-plated interconnection optimises performance.

Crep Protect Crates 3.0

The Crep Protect Crate 3.0 are also compatible with the 2.0 crates, mix and match and stack your sneaker crates to your own style. The perfect gift for those sneakerheads!

How does the Crep Protect Crates 3.0 work?


Place the pieces together with our unique interlocking system


Plug in crates to a power source using one of the allocated USB ports. One power source connects up to 10 crates.


Open the front part of the door to insert the sneakers


You can fit up to size US 13 sneakers, including high tops


Stack your collection safely without tilt or lean


Clap, tap, snap, and rap, the Crep Protect Crates 3.0 seamlessly respond to your sound

Crep Protect Crates 3.0

Be sure to share your collection using the #crepprotectcrates through your socials

Store, elevate, and protect your sneakers in style with Crep Protect Crate 3.0

The Crep Protect Crate 3.0 is now available exclusively on the Crep Protect website, priced at £45, €50, $50 per pack. Each pack includes one crate.

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