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How to: Restoring the 1994 Jordan 1 ‘Bred Banned’ with Crep Protect Mark On Pen

How to: Restoring the 1994 Jordan 1 ‘Bred Banned’ with Crep Protect Mark On Pen

clock-circular-outline Posted July 17, 2023

Give your midsoles some lovin with our Crep Protect Mark On Pen

At Crep, we are always finding creative ways to keep your kicks in tip-top condition and sometimes a little bit of sneaker customisation is the answer to keeping your creps loud and proud and standing out in those crowds. We continue our How To series with our easy-to-follow demonstration of how to use our Crep Protect Mark On pen on the Jordan 1 ‘Bred Banned’.

What is the Crep Protect Mark On Pen?

Crep Protect Mark On Pen

Customising and restoring your sneaker midsoles has never been so easy with the Crep Protect Mark On Pen. This easy-to-use and travel-friendly pen includes a 4mm bullet tip which allows pin-point precision when restoring worn-out midsoles or designing your own bespoke patterns. Our signature Mark On Pens are quick-drying, oil-based, and available in black and white.

Getting Started

1. Before starting the midsole customisation of the Jordan 1 ‘Bred Banned’ make sure that the midsole is cleaned, so that all dirt and stains can be removed before personalisation. We recommend using our Crep Protect Wipes, using the textured side to first lift off those tougher stains and then moving onto the smooth side for a delicate sheen.

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Cleaning Jordan 1 Bred Banned with Crep Protect Wipes

2. Once the sneaker cleaning has been completed, use masking tape to cover the perimeter of the shoe, making sure that it is well taped so no Mark On Pen appears on the leather uppers.

Masking Jordan 1 'Bred Banned'

Applying the Crep Protect Mark On Pen

1. Now you’re ready to apply the Mark On Pen to your ‘Jordan 1 Bred Banned’, shake before use, and press on the pump applicator to start the restoring process of your midsoles.

Shaking Crep Protect mark on Pen

2. Apply an even layer of the Mark On Pen to the midsole and allow 15 mins drying time.

Jordan 1 'Bred Banned'

3. Once the Mark On Pen solution has dried, apply another even layer on top and allow another 15 mins drying time. For the best results, we recommend only applying two layers, as this oil-based solution is super absorbing, making the Mark On Pen super durable over time.
15 mins drying time

4. To finish, remove the masking tape for a fresh, newly revived pair of Jordan 1 ‘Bred Banned’.

Jordan 1 Bred Banned restored

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