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How to clean your Air Max 1s

How to clean your Air Max 1s

clock-circular-outline Posted November 07, 2023

When the task of a full sneaker clean is too much, rely on our Crep Protect Starter Pack to add that final touch.

Crep Protect Starter Pack

At Crep, we are always finding ways to make our cleaning products innovative and hassle-free, and our signature Starter Pack is certainly no exception. Perfect for on-the-go, our Starter Pack includes all your favourite cleaning essentials including our premium Crep cleaning Foam, a miniature-sized repellent Spray, and 6 of our single-use dual-sided Wipes, so no matter the occasion or stain, Crep Protect elevates your sneaker game.

To see our Starter Pack in action, we show you a quick demonstration on how to use our Crep cleaning foam on a pair of Air Max 1’s, so you can wave goodbye to filthy, unkept sneakers.

Before we get stuck in, let’s answer some of your most frequently asked questions:

What is the Crep Protect Starter Pack Foam made out of?

Our Crep Protect Foam is made from a 98% natural solution comprised of water, coconut, and Jojoba extracts.

How many sneakers does the Crep Protect Starter Pack clean?

One Crep Protect Starter Pack cleans approximately 10 pairs of sneakers.

Is the Crep Protect Cure Solution more effective than the Crep Protect Foam?

No, both the Cure Solution and foam include the same natural ingredients for an effective and power-packed sneaker clean. The only difference is that the foam solution is a more travel-friendly option than the Cure Solution, but both can be used for when you’re on the go.

Shop our Crep Protect Cure

Questions: If I’ve used Crep Protect Spray on sneakers, do the Wipes remove the protective layer?

Yes, they will, so we suggest you either use the Wipes first or re-apply the Spray after you’ve used the Wipes.

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1. Before you start the cleaning process of your Air Max 1s, remove the laces from your sneakers. Removing the laces is crucial as this allows the cleaning foam to target those tough-to-get areas around the tongue and collars.

How to clean your Air Max 1s

2. Remove the foam cleaner from the travel-friendly carry pack and shake the can well. Shaking the can well will allow all the cleaning solutions to combine effortlessly so that an effective foam solution can form.

3. Starting with the laces, squeeze down on the nozzle to apply the foam and let it sit for 5 minutes. Then go in with the built-in brush top, scrubbing the laces continuously until all the dirt and grime have been removed.

Top tip: Dip the built-in brush top in water before use, this will help aid the lifting off any stubborn dirt and stains.

4. Repeat step 3 until desired results are achieved and let your sneaker laces dry overnight. Then move on to the uppers of your Air Max 1s.

The Uppers:

1. For the uppers, apply the Crep Foam to the sides, mudguards, toe box, and heels making sure that you let the solution sit for 5 minutes. Then dampen the built-in brush top with water, and work the brush into the sneakers in a circular motion. Repeat this as many as you need to achieve spotless results.

Cleaning Air Max 1's with Crep Protect Foam

2. Once cleaned, wipe down your Air Max 1's with a Microfibre cloth and allow your sneakers to dry for 24 hours or overnight in a well-ventilated room.

Drying Air Max 1's with a Microfibre Cloth

Final touches:

1. If you see any small touches of dirt creep up on your Air Max 1s in the future, give them a touch-up with our Crep Protect Wipes ( 6 included in each pack).

Find out how to use our Crep Protect Wipes here

2. Following your Wipe cleans, apply two layers of Crep Protect Spray from a 20cm distance. Make sure you leave 10 minutes in between each layer.

Check out our Crep Protect Spray tutorial here


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