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How to Clean your Air Jordan 5s

How to Clean your Air Jordan 5s

clock-circular-outline Posted October 17, 2023

Keep your Jordan 5s alive with Crep Protect Cure

How to Clean Your Air Jordan 5s

Shining in sunlight, and flexing in the winter, we all know that every season is Jordan season, and one thing that we’re passionate about here at Crep is keeping your kicks fresh so that they stand the test of time.

From that minor stain to that major mishap, Crep Protect has always got you covered and in this case, we show you how you can work miracles on your Jordan 5s using our premium Cure kit.

Before we unveil our sneaker-cleaning secrets, let’s dive into some of our frequently asked questions about our Crep Protect Cure Kit.

What is included in the Crep Protect Cure Kit?

Our premium Crep Protect Cure Kit includes our 98% natural cleaning solution, Microfibre cloth, and Premium Cleaning Brush all bedded in our travel-friendly travel case.

What makes the Crep Protect Cure 98% natural?

Our specially designed formula contains 98% water with infused coconut and jojoba extracts, making our Crep Protect Cure natural and free from any harmful chemicals and pollutants. Although our Cure Solution is natural, this does not take away from its effective cleaning properties, removing any tough stains, dirt, and grime, without changing or compromising the material form.

Will Crep Protect Cure clean the mesh on my Jordan 5s?

Yes, Crep Protect works effectively on mesh and all types of materials including leather, vinyl, suede, nubuck, nylon, and many more. The mesh on Jordan 5s comprises of rubber, making it durable enough to withstand any cleaning process.

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Getting started:

1. Remove all the contents of the Crep Protect Cure kit and fill up a bowl with some lukewarm water.

Top tip: Lukewarm water is the best for cleaning your sneakers as the warm water loosens up any tough dirt and stains without ruining the leather material.

2. Similar to how we cleaned our Air Max 90s, dip our premium cleaning Brush into the water then apply a couple of drops of the Cure Solution to our Premium Cleaning Brush.

Applying Crep Protect Cure to the Premium Cleaning Brush

Cleaning Process:

1. Apply the Premium Cleaning Brush onto the Jordan 5s, working the brush in a circular motion. Start with the toe cap and mudguards and gently make your way onto the sides, heel, and outsole. The solution will start to lather up, this is a great sign that this action-packed solution is working effectively.

Cleaning Jordan 5s with Crep Protect Cure
2. Repeat step 1 until desired results are achieved. For effective dirt removal, switch your water in between cleans.

Final Steps:

1. Now your Jordan 5’s are clean, take your Microfibre cloth and wipe it along the sneaker, mopping up any excess moisture and foam.

Using Microfibre cloth to remove any moisture
2. Let your sneakers dry overnight or for 12 hours.

12 hours drying time

And there you have it, clean, pristine Jordan 5s looking box-fresh in any season - you’re welcome.

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