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How to Assemble The Crep Protect Sneaker Bag

How to Assemble The Crep Protect Sneaker Bag

clock-circular-outline Posted February 05, 2024

Staycations, holidays and gym, the Crep Protect Sneaker Bag can be taken on any last-minute whim. But the question you may be asking is how do I make the best use of my sneaker bag space? 

If that question has been on your mind for some time, luckily enough for you we’re going to show some tricks of the trade, talking you through how to properly assemble the Crep Protect Sneaker Bag. 

Step 1: Assemble The Dividers


Assembling the velcro dividers

Every Crep Protect Sneaker Bag includes five fully adjustable dividers. This helps with the positioning of your sneakers and your belongings. Each divider is also made out of velcro which allows easy gripping and rearranging without any interior damage. Plus, it is the easiest way to organise and customise your Sneaker Bag whilst you’re on the go!

Step 2: Place The Dividers Into The Bag


The versatile dividers can now be placed into the Sneaker Bag, horizontally or vertically, depending on your style and preference. You can use up to five dividers at one time, however less can be used, especially if you want to have larger area sections to store your belongings and sneakers. 

placing dividers into the sneaker bag

The dividers are also bolstered up with extra padding too, keeping your items in top-notch condition, and protecting them from scratches, scuffs and water damage. 

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Step 3: Place Belongings Accordingly

Carefully slot your sneakers into each section of the sneaker bag. To help minimise space use, we recommend inserting the sneaker facing toe forwards laterally.

Placing sneakers into the Crep Protect Sneaker Bag

However, it is up to you how you store your sneakers, play around with the positioning and form and see what works best for you. If you decide you need more space for your sneakers, don’t stress, there are always four extra pocket components to store the rest of your belongings.

Step 4: Attach The Shoulder Strap


Attaching a hook strap to the sneaker bag
Now that you have placed all your belongings into the Crep Protect Sneaker Bag, it’s time to zip it up and attach the shoulder strap. All you have to do is attach the strap to the metal loop closure on each side and viola - you’re ready to go.

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