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How to Apply Crep Protect Spray to your Timberlands

How to Apply Crep Protect Spray to your Timberlands

clock-circular-outline Posted September 12, 2023

With the Autumn season in full swing, I’m pretty sure that most of you have given your seasonal boots a dust-off. But let’s be real, they wouldn’t be so dusty if you just copped some of our Crep Protect Crates - just putting that out there!

With that in mind, we always want to make sure that you keep your boots in tip-top condition. Continuing our How To series we show how to apply our signature Crep Protect Spray to your Timberland boots. Watch and learn as we give you an insight into our most innovative products to date.

What is Crep Protect Spray?

Crep Protect Spray

Crep Protect Spray is the ultimate way to protect your sneakers. Fast-drying and breathable, our premium formula forms a hydrophobic layer over your sneakers, to repel all types of liquids and stains. For up to 2 weeks of long-lasting protection.

Step 1: Brush off the excess

Before applying our protector spray to your Timberlands, make sure you give your boots a quick clean by removing any excess dirt or loose debris. Using our Crep Protect Premium Sneaker brush, gently brush along the upper of the shoe in a circular motion, moving towards the midsole.

Top tip: Take extra care when brushing along the uppers of your Timberlands as they are made from soft nubuck leather and this will prevent any material damage from occurring.

Step 2: Shake well

Now that your Timberlands are clean, shake the Crep Protect spray before applying. This is very important as it allows all the elements to be combined together in order to create an effective barrier against rain and stains.

Step 3: Applying the Spray

Once you have shaken the spray, hold the Crep spray from a 20cm distance from the boot, press down on the nozzle, and coat the sneaker using a continuous motion. Start from the top of the laces and work your way towards the toe box and heel section.

Step 3: Let your boots dry

Now that your Timberlands are fully covered in spray, allow them to dry for 10 minutes. For best results, we recommend allowing your boots to dry in direct sunlight or in a room temperature setting.

Step 4: Apply a second coat

For a second coat, follow the same process outlined in step 3, press down on the spray nozzle from a 20cm distance and start at the top of the laces, moving towards the toe box. Let your Timberlands dry for another 10 minutes in direct sunlight or in a room temperature setting.

Step 5: Ready to go

After you let your Timberlands dry you can now put the Crep Protect Spray to the test!

Watch this video below, to see the Crep Protect Spray in action!

Still with us? Take a closer look at how you can clean your Jordan 4 x SB 'Pine Greens'

As always, keep yourself locked in with the latest from Crep Daily!

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