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Everything to Expect From the Last YEEZY Drop

Everything to Expect From the Last YEEZY Drop

clock-circular-outline Posted May 24, 2024

YEEZY lovers, adi fans and everything in between let’s all congregate for what we think is the final time because the global powerhouse has announced that this year will be the last we see of the YEEZY drop.

Everything to Expect from the last YEEZY drop

Image Courtesy of Alex Haney via Unsplash Images 

Before we get our little violins out, see this as yet another opportunity to cop some of your favourite YEEZY silhouettes to date. From an accoladed span of 350v2s, a bunch of 500s and let’s not forget the famed, household favourite, the YEEZY Slide. 

But if any of this doesn’t tickle your fancy, don’t worry, there are plenty more silhouettes on the way as adidas is dropping everything from its unsold inventory, so chances are you’ll probably get your hands on some rarities or perhaps a re-up of your favourite pair.

Either way, it’s a win-win.


So if you want to find out how to secure a pair or two, stick around as we fill you in on what you can expect from the 2024 YEEZY summer drop.


Q: When is the YEEZY Drop Expected to Take Place?

While a solid date is yet to be confirmed by adidas, according to Sneaker Visionz, the drop is due to take place around June 3rd -13th. While we suspect this could be the start of the release and potentially continue into summertime, keep your eyes peeled! 

YEEZY inventory expected  to drop in 2024
Disclaimer: Dates and SKU’s are subject to change

Q: Where can I cop the YEEZY Drop?

 The products will be made available exclusively through the adidas CONFIRMED app, the adidas app as well as online on the adidas website.

Q: How well have previous YEEZY releases performed for adidas? 

 The previous YEEZY releases have been a big hit, boosting adidas' profits in 2023 thanks to the high demand and successful drops.

Q: Has adidas made any official statements about this final YEEZY sale?

 adidas hasn't officially confirmed the details of the final YEEZY release yet.

Q: How much revenue is adidas projecting from this last YEEZY sale? 

adidas is looking to generate around $376 million from YEEZY sales in 2024.

Q: Is this really the last chance to buy YEEZY sneakers at retail prices? 

Yes, this drop is most likely your last opportunity to buy YEEZY sneakers directly from adidas at retail prices.

Q: Why is adidas wrapping up the YEEZY line?

While adidas hasn't officially stated the reasons why they are not continuing the YEEZY line, however, they're ending the partnership with Ye and clearing out the remaining YEEZY stock.

Now you're all up to date, all that there is left to say is happy YEEZY spending.

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