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Crep Connects with Britt Waters

Crep Connects with Britt Waters

clock-circular-outline Posted September 28, 2023

At Crep, we care about real-life discussions and driving conversations with our sneakerhead audience. One way we can give back to you - our community is through our unique storytelling, and sharing the narrative of the industry insiders that we work with throughout our sneaker care journey.

Britt Waters

With that in mind, today marks the beginning of our very own Connects series. Crep Connects is designed to lift the lid off the industry, to help inspire the next generation of creatives.

First up in our hot seat is our latest brand ambassador Britt Waters. With over a decade of experience in the broadcasting game, Britt has been delivering the heat to prime-time TV and we’re not just talking about her illustrious portfolio of sneakers.

More than just a sneakerhead, Britt has been a credible TV anchor for Good Morning Washington, 7 News, and serves as a sports host for the NBA and XFL. We caught up with Britt to discuss a little more about her journey to becoming a US national treasure - and let’s not forget her love for Crep Protect product - of course.

Crep: Hey Britt Waters! Thanks for having us today, we would like to start this interview with just a simple question of how are you?

Britt: I'm feeling good. It’s fall sports season in the US so I have been spending a lot of time with my family which is always great.

Crep: For people who may be unfamiliar with you or your work, could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Britt: I’m Britt Waters, a New Jersey native currently living in Washington, DC where I work as a morning TV anchor and sports host. I love sneakers, pro-wrestling, and food. I always match my kicks with my morning outfits which took off on the internet this year.

Crep: Your impressive hosting skills range from being a well-known TV anchor for Good Morning Washington, 7 News DC to being a host for the NBA and XFL, what was the motivation behind starting a career in hosting?

Britt: Thank you so much. I’m living my dream. I always wanted to make people happy. In the mornings I try to inform them in a way that’s also entertaining. At games and events, I hope to ensure fans have a good time and take a memorable moment they can share whether their team won or not.

Crep: How does it feel to be one of our first female ambassadors for Crep Protect?

Britt: It’s incredible. I’ve been a supporter of Crep since I was fresh out of college trying to keep my kicks clean while wearing them every day. Sneaker culture is for everyone. I love being able to reinforce that idea by being visible in these spaces. You can be feminine in sneakers, sexy in sneakers, and professional in sneakers.

Britt Waters

Crep: What would you say is your favourite sneaker cleaning product from our collection and why?

Britt: I’m definitely a big fan of the Protective Spray. I always preach the best way to keep your sneakers clean is to not get them dirty. The wipes are a great second. They are super convenient. A scuff or spot shouldn’t ruin your day and it won’t if you have those handy. My friends are always asking me to spare one.

Crep: What has been your biggest accomplishment so far?

Britt: My range of career experience is unmatched. Taking risks and always reinventing myself has allowed me to be behind the mic far and wide. From the White House with the President of the United States to the Middle East with the USA Basketball team and even at local nerd conventions. I hope to inspire others and show that your career doesn’t have to look just one way.

Crep: Have there been any challenges that you have faced along the way?

Britt: Absolutely. Wearing sneakers as a woman in a professional setting is not usually welcomed. Any position in the spotlight will come with scrutiny and criticism. I block that out, embrace the positive, and let my work do the talking.

Crep: Quickfire round, what are your top 3 sneaker releases this year?

Britt: Big red boots, Tiffany AF1… just kidding! I’ll name three I think we will realize got slept on. The Jordan Wizards 3’s are a nice wearable colorway and I’m not just being biased as the Wizards’ host, Action Bronson’s NB 990v6 Baklava if you aren’t afraid of color is a solid release, and the Jordan 3 x J Balvin Sunset I’m obsessed with and I don’t even have them yet. I also think the Homer Simpson Adidas Stan Smiths are hilarious.

Crep: What advice would you give to younger individuals who want to get into a presenting career?

Britt: I’d say start now! Use your phone or computer to do a podcast, record videos, and interview your friends. Getting used to hearing yourself, and delivering information will give you experience so when the opportunity comes you’ll be ready.

Crep: Thank you for your time Britt Waters and we’re so excited to have you on board, are there any last words that you want to leave for our Crep family?

Britt: To anyone reading this… please wear your shoes! Show off your favorite kicks, live in them, and play in them without worry. Crep will help keep them looking fresh. Life is too short to be only wearing your beaters.

Make sure you keep locked in with the latest news at Crep Daily!

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